March 13, 2009

Pay It Forward

When I first joined Etsy, I was really surprised and thankful for how supportive and thoughtful everyone was. I went into the critique forum for some helpful advice on my new shop, and not one but two members immediately bought up all of my items. I was stunned, I had 7 sales in one night, my FIRST 7 sales! I was so touched that I had this brilliant idea to return the favor to another member. Since I had been so lucky I wanted to make a purchase and send some love to an unsuspecting seller, and have the momentum continue. I planned it all out and write a new thread topic called Pay It Forward. I was surprised no one responded. DUH! Little did I know the Pay It Forward (PIF) concept already existed at Etsy!

Some members choose to offer their products for free and call it a PIF! Sometimes they might ask you pay 20 cents for the listing fee and a small amount to cover the shipping fee. If you purchase this item, in return you list a PIF in your shop, and so on. I really wanted to get involved in this so last week I decided to grab a PIF. I received two pink glass bead bracelets from DeNovo. And now it's my turn. I am offering two of my rose soaps, any fragrance, as a PIF in my shop. I hope someone is able to find them and enjoy and of course keep the positive energy flowing! You can *find the details here* in my shop.
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