March 17, 2009

1021 Sales And Counting!!!

I would love to say that was the current stat for Sunset Soaps! But it's actually how many sales there have been in the last 143 days in a wonderful chat thread in Etsy called 'Second Chance BNS'. I just recently joined this group and I absolutely love it!

What in the world is a BNS you ask? BNS = Buy-N-Sell. It's your opportunity to makes sales and friends on Etsy! The rules are simple. To join, "make a purchase from any of the shops on today's list and you'll be put on tomorrow's list for 24 hours. This is called the Second Chance BNS for a reason: If you don't have a sale the first 24 hours on the list, your shop will be put on the list the next day."

Currently, there are 53 shops participating in **this thread**. So many talented shops to choose from. The more you shop, the longer you stay on the list. And you get sales and make new friends too! What could be better than that?! Just take a look at some of the wonderful products to choose from below!
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