January 24, 2010

Do You Feel The Love??

I tried and tried and tried to create my first Etsy treasury. I went through some of my favorite shops and snagged some beautiful items I wanted to showcase for Valentine's Day. Beautiful reds, pinks, hearts, and flowers. But I must have the worst luck ever. The treasury is always full! :(

But alas, Byhand.me to the rescue!!! It is so easy and convenient to showcase your beautiful Etsy finds, without the hassle of waiting. Here is my newest Spotlight.

Feel The Love


  1. Nice selections! Do you use Craftopolis? They have a Treasury Clock for Main and West. It really comes in handy for me when I do create treasuries....

  2. My computer doesn't like the byhand.me site for some reason. Actually, I've tried two different computers. It never loads properly for me and I get error messages that crash my browser. I wish it did because this treasury is awesome and would be so much fun to make!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for including my red summer rose!

  4. Thanks for the compliments! Yes I do use craftopolis, I just have terrible timing! LOL

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog for Theresa's (the happy soul) interview. It's been a lot of fun and very educational interviewing all these awesome artists!

    Your treasury is gorgeous! And your soaps.....they're absolutely fab!