January 18, 2009

Guilty Pleasure #1

So, my boyfriend has been out of town on a business trip for several days. And while I love and miss him dearly, there is something nice about having the whole place to myself. I get to spend the whole weekend in my PJ's, sipping coffee, no makeup, turning the kitchen into a big oowey gooey soap crafting mess. And speaking of oowey gooey, I get to eat what I want when I want. My number one guilty pleasure today????

One giant warm chocolate cookie fresh out of the oven! What woman could resist? And later I get to watch Desperate Housewives with a bottle of wine and no interrupting man in the house? Heaven!! :)


  1. We all like alittle Guilty Pleasure. Mine is sitting cuddled in my overstuffed chair under a quilt and watching old black and white movies. I know I should be cleaning house or working in my shop...but sometimes I just want to be a Movie watching slug......

  2. Oh now that sounds fantastic and scrumptious! My guilty pleasure would have to be snuggling down with my warm blanket and watching cartoons with a cup of tea or hot cocoa...silly I know, but so relaxing!